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As Chicago's first island escape, we take our mission seriously. Beach year round! Yes, even in Chicago's harshest winters. We spent time researching the islands of East Asia, mainly in Bali, so that we could create an exclusive getaway filled with exotic spa rituals and bring them back to Essence Med Spa + Wellness Center just for you. 

During our travels, we met with Balinese medicine men who have 

inherited generations worth of ancient healing skills. We met spa therapists who taught us unique massage techniques based off of their island's knowledge of wellness. We even experimented with natural skin remedies made from the islands fresh resources. We took everything we learned, admired, and experienced from the Island of Bali and combined it with the newest technologies to create a one of a kind Medical Spa + Wellness Center right in Chicagoland.


Led by our team of experts, you'll find a wide variety of holistic treatments to the most advanced skin treatments all under one roof. We provide all of our guests with customized treatment plans with services such as Botox® treatments, Juvederm® treatments, non surgical weight-loss treatments, yoga, mediation, holistic body treatments, and so much more. 


Our medical estheticians bring over a decade of experience working with state-of-the-art procedures, which are widely regarded as the gold standard in medical aesthetics for skin transforming and rejuvenating 



Our team of licensed therapists are the best in the industry with specialized training in the treatments we've found all over East Asia. Each treatment is customized to our guests, whether it be a bamboo massage or warmed herbal poultice body treatment!


Visit our café after your yoga class or spa treatment and fuel up with our refreshing fruit or veggie based smoothies and juices. Come anytime, even without using the spa facilities, and bring your laptop (free wifi!) to work or just enjoy a cup of coffee! 




When it comes to muscle relaxers such as BOTOX® or facial fillers such as Restylane® or Juvederm®, proper technique is the key to quality results. Our team of expert doctors can effectively address fine lines, wrinkles &


We've intentionally designed our facility so that each guest can receive a genuine sensory experience. Elements of Bali, Thailand, Philippines, and much of East Asia will be found through out Essence. Whether it be scents of Balinese incense, indoor garden walls, or sounds of island music, you will not easily forget your visit with us.

After discovering island life, we've ensured that we offer an array of holistic and healing services at Essence. Chiropractic care, physical therapy, personal training, yoga, and meditation are just a few of our available wellness services. 

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6413 N Kinzua Ave Chicago, IL 60646


Tel: 773 - 763 - 1212

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